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World Peace Cafe in Leicester

June 15, 2014

I’ve only been to the World Peace Cafe a handful of times, but it is one of my favorite places for lunch in Leicester.

World Peace Cafe in Leicester

Opened in 2010, World Peace Cafe is a small, non-profit lunch spot housed in the Nagarjuna Buddhist Centre in the city center, across from the Leicester Cathedral. Don’t let this put you off though; it’s not hippy dippy, nor do they try to recruit you to the center (however, there is plenty of information available if you do choose to drop in on some of the meditation courses).

World Peace Cafe in Leicester

Instead, the restaurant is light, airy and very inviting, with tables and couches nicely spaced throughout. Everything on the menu is vegetarian, with plenty of vegan options to boot. You are really spoiled for choice here – the volunteers who work behind the counter make everything from big salads, wraps and ciabattas to cakes, veggie burgers and jacket potatoes. You can also get a really nice cup of coffee or a chai latte with soy milk (one of my faves).

World Peace Cafe in Leicester

On this particular day I went for the vegan ciabatta which includes olive tapenade, mushrooms, avocado and tomatoes with a small side salad. The fillings were delicious and had the perfect balance of flavors, while the ciabatta was warm and soft, with a nice crusty exterior.

World Peace Cafe in Leicester

Andrew ordered the falafel wrap which includes really soft, meaty falafels, lettuce, hummus and olives, all packed tightly in a soft wrap and warmed up on the panini press. Another really simple, yet incredibly tasty sandwich.

I have yet to have a bad meal at World Peace Cafe. The food and the atmosphere make it a great place to stop and seek a relaxing lunch during a day of shopping in town. I would absolutely recommend visiting if you are a Leicester veggie.

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