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Surprise 10 course vegan tasting menu at 34 Windsor St

October 6, 2014

If you read my blog, you already know how much I love 34 Windsor St for their creative, delicious and beautiful vegan dishes. So when they got in touch about a surprise 10 course vegan tasting menu in support of World Vegetarian Day, I couldn’t possibly say no.

Chef Sam Owen sat the vegan guests together at the same table which ended up being really great as it allowed us to get to know each other and revel in the dishes together. At our table was Michelle from The Vegan Cakery in Leicester who makes incredibly delicious vegan cakes and treats – if you haven’t tried them yet you really owe it to yourself to get over to Cafe Mbriki in town and pick up a cupcake (or two).

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

Anyway, back to the food. Chef Sam Owen brought out the vegan menu which didn’t give much away in terms of what we could expect, but that’s part of the magic of the meal. Oh, and the menu was edible, so of course I had to take a little nibble out of it.

What followed was a feast of different flavors, textures, smells and sensations. Each dish was carefully constructed and balanced so that the flavors complemented each other beautifully. And, of course, each dish was plated with the chef’s creative flair, making it a treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

I won’t go into detail about each dish, but just know that everything was insanely good. I apologize ahead of time for the poor quality of some of the photos – it was a bit dark as you would expect.

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

Red cabbage and mustard pebbles (red cabbage gazpacho, frozen mustard yoghurt pebbles)

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

Chilli cheese fries (sweet potato fries, chilli jam, smoked cheese sauce)

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

POWER bar (25 ingredient power bar with carrot, ginger and orange puree)

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

Sweetcorn (sweet corn veloute, popcorn ice cream, kernels, ash)

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

A walk in the woods wearing hemp (pickled mushroom, raw, puree, hemp parsley panna cotta, onion rings, olive soil)

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

Pumpkin pie (pumpkin puree, pastry, almond crust maple and seeds)

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

Boozy fruit (cider sorbet, fermented pear, elderberry)

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

Weetabix + banana (Weetabix ice cream, banana puree, glazed banana)

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

Apple (apple with pistachio soil)

For the final course of the night, Chef Sam Owen moved us to a new table where he created edible art in front of our eyes. It was truly something to watch – and the dish was absolutely delightful.

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

34 Windsor St vegan tasting menu

to end the weirdness (chocolate, blackberry, vanilla panna cotta, chocolate ball, frozen blackberry mousse, caramel texture, orange)

34 Windsor St is planning to do another vegan night soon, so be sure to get yourself there. You won’t be disappointed.

(In case you were wondering, my favorite dish of the night was a tie between the power bar and pumpkin pie)


Andrew REALLY enjoyed his menu 😉

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    Wow, what an incredible foodie experience!!

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      thanks! it was really remarkable – I feel lucky to have such a cool restaurant/chef nearby that really gets us vegans!

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