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Handmade Burger Co

May 6, 2015

After my last bad experience trying to get a vegan burger in Leicester (ahem, Byron), I have been waiting for another opportunity to try and make up for it by going somewhere that actually knows how to get a veggie burger right. I decided it had to be Handmade Burger at the Highcross. They clearly state the vegan burgers on the main menu, so no asking for a separate, secret menu or having to go online to find the allergy information for yourself, which is really nice for a change.

We went in on a quiet Sunday afternoon (it was a bit early for the dinner crowds) and were promptly seated by the window. Having a look through the menu, there are four different vegan burgers all clearly marked: quinoa/chickpea, sweet potato/bean, spinach/lentil and a cajun vegetable/bean burger. I decided that the spinach and lentil burger with added avocado was exactly what I wanted, while Andrew went for the falafel pitta. We also ordered a couple beers, gherkins, a side of rosemary chips and a few different dips.

My burger was very tasty – the patty was soft, warm and filling, while the toppings really married the flavors together. My only complaint would be that they were a bit skimpy on the avocado and other veggies – I only had a thin, measly slice of onion and a single piece of lettuce on the burger. If I’m going to pay extra for avocado I expect it to be loaded up (or is that too much to ask?). Otherwise, I really enjoyed it. Oh, and their burgers are served on soft white sesame buns, which is just how I like it – no trendy, egg-brushed brioche buns here.

Andrew’s falafel pitta was equally tasty, and while not marked vegan on the menu, if you order it without the raita or tikka masala dressing it then becomes vegan friendly.

We also had the rosemary chips which were perfection. The chips were perfectly cooked, with a crispy outer coating and soft, fluffy hot insides. With the rosemary and rock salt seasoning, they tasted like your best Sunday roast potatoes.

Overall we really enjoyed our meal at Handmade Burger Co. The only downside is the cost – they charge extra for everything, including the various dips to go with your chips. Because of this, with a couple drinks included, you’re looking at around £40 or so for dinner for two people.

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