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The Vegan Grindhouse takes over Brewdog Leicester: part II

July 19, 2016

Last week the Vegan Grindhouse came back to Leicester for the second kitchen takeover of Brewdog Leicester. As soon as they made the announcement, we signed up immediately, without even bothering to look at the menu (you’re pretty much guaranteed awesome food). Luckily for us, this time they changed up the menu a bit by doing a “surf n turf” theme.

On the menu for the evening was a surf n turf burger, gumbo, cherry cola cupcakes and banana oat bakes, all to be washed down with a few lovely Brewdog ales. We pre-ordered one of each item, apart from the banana oat bakes (neither of us are big banana fans), and eagerly awaited the day.

The event took place on a bustling Wednesday evening. The pub was packed with people meeting up for after work drinks, and the atmosphere was great. We had a beer downstairs before heading up, and were glad to see the restaurant was also busy (I believe they sold out all the tables this time around).

Our main courses were amazing. The gumbo was a delicious, hot bowl of veggies, meaty mushrooms and pieces of sausage and prawns in a tomato based sauce, served with steamed basmati rice. The real star though was the surf n turf burger. On top of the burger, as well as inside it, were fried “prawns” – and it was strangely like the real thing (but not so much so that it was off-putting). The burger itself was meaty, and the thousand island dressing was just divine – it was the perfect American style burger. And of course we can’t forget the lovely, crunchy fries to round it all out.

After licking our plates clean, we both enjoyed a cherry cola cupcake each. The cupcakes were incredibly soft and sweet, and the frosting tasted just like cherry coke. Is there a coca cola flavoring out there I don’t know of? Seriously impressive.

So there you have it, another delicious kitchen takeover by the talented guys from TVG. I’m hoping they will be back in town for the next vegan market taking place in September, and in the meantime I’ll be sure to keep you posted of any other takeovers happening in town.

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