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Vegan protein subscription box from ProteinCrate

October 11, 2017

I am loving all the new vegan products coming onto the market lately, and one area that seems to be picking up steam are monthly subscription boxes. At the moment there are a handful of vegan subscription boxes offering everything from sweets to makeup and of course the ever-popular veg boxes. A newcomer to this scene is ProteinCrate who, for £19.99 a month, send you a box full of 12 healthy vegan protein goodies – perfect for those looking to get in shape or who simply want healthy vegan snacks.

ProteinCrate is the brainchild of Jay and Matt – two friends based in London who found it hard to find good quality (high protein, low sugar) products in shops, not to mention trying to find onese without whey protein. What they wanted was quality and variety at a great price, which led them to come up with ProteinCrate to help solve these problems they had for themselves and others in a similar position. 

ProteinCrate kindly sent me their September box, and when it arrived it was chockful of all kinds of yummy looking vegan snacks. I was initially worried that it would only consist of protein bars (and maybe a protein powder), but it is much more than that. There were crisps, peanut butter, snack bars, nuts and even fiery little wasabi peas. And of course there were the protein bars too – several different flavours and brands to choose from. What is great about having all the bars to try is you end up figuring out which ones you like and work for you – rather than ordering a box online only to find out they are not quite to your taste.

The other thing I really like about this box (and subscription boxes in general) is that it introduces you to new brands that you would never have known about, and gives really good exposure to vegan/vegan-friendly brands. And for £20 a month you really get your money’s worth (protein bars ain’t cheap!).

For a limited time, ProteinCrate are offering 20% off your first month. Simply use the code ‘THEVEGANTWIST’ when you sign up!

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